What fills you up?

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Marc Kochamba Fishing Trout in Colorado!

Marc Kochamba Fishing Trout in Colorado!

I’ve been dieting lately.  Trying to lose some weight and be healthier.  So I’ve been trying a lot of different foods in search of what fills me up.  So far nothing.  I eat everything.  It’s awful.  Why can’t we be made so we don’t get hungry every 3,4,5 or 6 hours?  This leads me to ask the question on a broader scale?  What fills me up figuratively?  Is it my job?  Is it alcohol?  Is it inappropriate images on the internet? How long does it satisfy? Well I have some good examples of men who could not be filled up all around me.  In the Bible there’s David… What could fill that mans’ desire for his friend’s wife?  Did the satisfaction last?  What about for an alcoholic?  Is there anything that can replace alcohol?  How long does the satisfaction last?  What about pornography?  How long until that image gets dull and you search for another?

Jesus fills me up but even then unless I surrender and sacrifice my whole self constantly the flesh gains ground and the needs of my soul and spirit for my Savior diminish… What an awful paradox…

I recently attended a “young life” banquet here in Williamson County and one of the leaders spoke about why he invests so much time in sharing the Love of Jesus Christ to teenagers.  His key reason….because Jesus is our only hope in filling us up. He fills us with a living water.  Jesus encourages.  Jesus empathizes.  Most of all Jesus saves me and us from the savage sinful nature of this world.

A priest once told me no one ever laughs out loud when they are taking their first breathes in this life.  Everyone cries.  Well it’s true.  Sad it may be, but we become comforted we become soothed by our parents.  Over the years the tears continue and the challenges become larger.  We make choices as to what comforts us.  Some comforts are healthy some not so much. Who or what do you trust to comfort you?  Hopefully you have a friend to call on or at least someone who owes you a favor in your time of need, but as a Christian I pray you know you have a direct line to Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Ready to hear your needs and comfort you with mercy, love, and a peace that knows no understanding.  Ask for it today and see if it does not fill you up more than that Big Mac you had for lunch today!

Be a witness to your family that promotes the “Jesus filling station!”   Through prayer, study, or just an encouraging word.  Be comforted not by things that cause harm or even death but by the never-ending love and joy of Jesus Christ. Check yourself today and ask how can I comfort someone today and remember this verse.  2 Corinth 1:4 “who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”  Be comforted and filled up today by the Spirit of our living savior Jesus Christ!

In Christ’s Love!