About Us

Abba’s Way seeks to encourage, educate and equip fathers to engage with their children. At this time we specifically accomplish this goal via father/son weekend experiences, giving fathers opportunities to spend one-on-one time with their sons and initiate them into masculinity with rite of passage ceremonies, practical skill-building, and relationship-building activities. We call these weekends “The Father’s Heart Weekend” where we “Celebrate the Boy and Call Out the Man.”

This program has proven effective in reaching out to both fathers and sons. This program is an “experiential” event held at a retreat center where activities are crafted in such a way that fathers and sons are able to focus on each other and build trust. Research demonstrates that men and boys communicate and learn best by doing activities together. For this reason, we use a template of 95% experience and 5% proposition. Through experience, play, observation and affirmation men and boys are bonded together in a very unique fashion.

Fathers leave our weekends feeling stronger and with more confidence to the task of fatherhood. Boys leave affirmed and celebrated. We use low ropes initiatives to help fathers and sons build trust and learn how to work together. We use climbing walls to build confidence in achieving difficult tasks, a fire ceremony where fathers are asked to affirm their sons in front of other men and boys. Anyone can pass on an activity for any reason.

We call the Father’s Heart Weekend experiences “father/son accelerators” since they are designed to give fathers and sons a compelling vision for what is possible in their relationship–even beyond the weekend. We desire to equip fathers to return to their homes and be fully present with their families: physically, emotionally and spiritually. We hope they end the weekend feeling better equipped to affirm, protect and provide for their children.

Our Mission


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