Interview with Princess Keepers

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I had the opportunity to share with Gregory Byerline, and old friend of mine, about Father’s Delight and why we feel an event like this is so important.  Gregory is the founder of Princess Keepers, a wonderful website full of useful content that focuses on fathers raising daughters.  Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

PK: So great to reconnect and talk about this event. Tell me about “Father’s Delight” and how it all came about.

FD: Father’s Delight is the next step in a ministry a friend and I developed called Abba’s Way. Out of that ministry grew the Father’s Heart Weekend in 2008 that provided a place for father’s to bless their sons, to affirm them in the company of others, and to provide a rite of passage experience.

Having a daughter too, I knew it was only a matter of time before the next step would be a Father/Daughter experience. This year will mark our inaugural Father’s Delight, a one day event of adventure, ceremony, and celebration!

PK: As a father of a daughter myself, I’m particularly excited about this event. Why is an event like this important for fathers and their daughters?

FD: We believe every girl’s soul asks two questions, and she will seek answers to these questions throughout her life one way or another: (1) “Am I lovely?” and (2) “Do I matter?” The father has the primary role of answering these questions when a girl is young, and if he doesn’t answer them, girls will seek answers from other men.

When a girl knows she is protected, provided for, and blessed by her father, she can experience being a “beauty” in the story, able to her femininity without resorting to seduction to feel beautiful. When a woman knows she is beautiful, beyond external beauty of course, she is able to offer life to the world around her.

Our purpose of this event is to create an intentional time for a father to declare his daughter as “lovely” and answer these core questions. He will need to answer it over and over again in a million different ways, and this experience provides a basis for understanding the importance of answering these questions and models a way for that to be done.

To read the complete interview, click HERE.

If you would like to take your daughter to Father’s Delight, registration ends May 28th, so don’t wait another day.  Register today.