Father and Son Gratitude!

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God really did reveal His heart to us through our time together.  Here is a group picture of some courageous Dads and grateful sons!

Celebrating with you the Father’s heart,


“My son and I drew closer this weekend, a closeness that I did not know how to achieve by myself! I have the utmost respect for every person this weekend-Thank you!”–Ernie Eash

“I found the fun of following my son into a boy’s life. We did several things together that were new for both of us—the joy of discovering adventures together was amazing, and that’s harder to pull off in the course of “normal life” at home.”–Ben Ellis

“Hi Glenn –
The Father / Son retreat was so powerful. I’ve been on a high from all the incredible, life-changing experiences. I already ordered and received the book Adam’s Return. I hope to start it this weekend. Keep me posted on ways I can stand with you for this ministry. And thanks for being faithful to God’s call in regards to this gathering. The fruit of it is beyond measure.”–Allen Arnold

“I’m realizing the importance and impact about intentionally spending time with William. I believe the experience of this weekend will strengthen William and I through the memories.”–Joe Hoffert

“I loved watching my son find and establish his own identity.”–Bradford Crowther

“I can’t begin to thank you guys enough for doing the Father’s Heart Weekend Experience! I am praying that this grows and spreads across the state, the Church, and the world as one of the tools we need to revitalize men as Sons! You don’t need but a few experiences like that one to write a best-selling book….

I thought Joshua might be just a little too young and distracted to really get much out of it, but he was DEEPLY affected by it. On Sunday night, 8/24, at bed-time, he was in tears and couldn’t really explain it. Only that these were not really tears of pain, but longing; and though he couldn’t explain what he was feeling, it was coming from me. So I stopped trying to understand or get an explanation, and just relished in our connection.

Please let me know how I can help with any future efforts. And, hey, we need to work to bestow femininity to our daughters, too…” In Christ,–Joel Goehner

“I really enjoyed the obstacle course—I’m reminded how difficult it has been in my own life to HEAR my Father’s voice.”–Mark Snider

“The Father’s Heart Weekend was a great time to reconnect with my son and I hope will be a catalyst for more intentional time spent together.”–Kevin Vedders

“Andrew and I are closer. He is my beloved son. God has and is healing me.”–Marc Kochumba

“The opportunity to connect to my boy’s heart—in a place where we could all drop our guard and let each other be each other was great. Looking forward to what God does in our relationship in the future.”–Jack Noonan

“This was an incredibly facilitated event—tapping into men with giftings that I don’t have–that allowed me to share my heart with my boys in a way that I desired. It also helped me to become a better father because I was impacted by other gifted men that are called by God and answered the call.”–Eric Martin

“This was an amazing memory maker and I can’t commend the leadership or thank them enough! It was simply awesome!”–Roy Roper

“This weekend was the perfect time for me and my son to play, laugh, love and pray. Not only did I celebrate the boy he is—but I called out the man he will be in the company of other boys and men. Incredibly, God as my Father did the same to me. We both savored every single minute.”–Allen Arnold

“It was an incredibly moving weekend as a father and healing as a son. My son and I needed this connection. It was incredible.”–Jim Schettler

“This experience was intended to be primarily for my son, but I discovered tht it meant a lot to my own growth as well. I felt God stirring my heart to be the King and Priest He meant me to be for my children. Thank You!”–Jared England

“Hi Glenn,
I would like to again thank you for the wonderful weekend !! As a dad I feel equipped to be a “Dad” now, my heart is filled with so much joy, I am seeing glimpses of a relationship that I have desired to have with my son for years. Thank You, Thank You, first hearing God on this and then following through with it!!”–Ernie Eash

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